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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released in every step of the nuclear chain. In the core of a nuclear generator radioactive carbin 14 is released from fissioning. Uranium mining, uranium fuel fabrication, reactor construction, reactor de-commissioning and there is no talk of the high-level nuclear waste mounting at reactor sites except to say that the nuclear waste and 15% of military spent fuel will go to Yucca Mountain. The enduring purpose of nuclear technology is the production of weapons of mass destruction WMD). Several type of atmospheric emissions result from the testing and development of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy production over the past 80 years including: CFC-114, Krypton-85, Cobalt-60.

As Indigenous people, the Native Community Action Council know that Mother Earth is presenting life with increasing challenges to our  survival. Violent storms, increasing drought, devastating fires... and yet, there is good still to come as the forests rise again, this time with our attention and care. Seed pods are distributed during fires and those seeds will sprout the next forests that we must protect and nurture as our ancestors have for thousands of years.

CFC-114 Nuclear Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

One of the big arguments for nuclear energy is that it's carbon free, but it's not carbon free. To produce nuclear weapons the US ran 4 coal fired power plants to produce electricity and nuclear power. It emits quite a bit of carbon within the fuel cycle from uranium prospecting, uranium mining, uranium milling and nuclear fuel enrichment and fabrication. CFC-114 (tetrafluorodichloroethane) is a global warming gas -- that's why the mention of a carbon dioxide comparison: 9,300 times more destructive to the atmosphere than CO2. In 2002, U.S. Enrichment Corporation self-reported emitting 716,000 pounds of CFC-114. Do math...comes out to 3.3 million tons of CO2. So this is pretty far from being a carbon-free technology.  And, for instance, U.S. Enrichment Corporation in Paducah, Kentucky is the largest single user of electricity in the United States. This plant also emits CFC-114, that is 9,300 times more destructive to the atmosphere than CO2 according, Ed McArdle, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, Southeast Michigan Group (Melvindale, MI). 

Krypton-85 pollution and atmospheric electricity
Author R.G.Harrison H. M. Ap Simon

Krypton-85 is a chemically inert radioactive gas present in the atmosphere, concentrations of which have been greatly increased by nuclear reprocessing and weapons testing since 1945. The long half-life (10.7 yr), allows the gas to mix thoroughly in the atmosphere. Ionization caused by krypton-85 increases the electrical conductivity of atmospheric air. Further increases in krypton-85 emissions seem inevitable. The increase in air conductivity due to release of krypton-85 will vary with height, and be larger over the oceans than over the land. Increases in conductivity will produce uncertain effects on atmospheric phenomena, so changes are compared in magnitude with other factors perturbing the conductivity, such as combustion aerosol burdens, volcanic eruptions and nuclear weapons testing. Conductivity changes are expected to have the greatest significance for meteorological phenomena close to the source.

Radionuclide Basics: Cobalt-60

Cobalt (chemical symbol Co) is a hard, gray-blue metal that is solid under normal conditions. Cobalt is similar to iron and nickel in its properties and can be magnetized like iron. The most common radioactive isotope HelpisotopeA form of an element that has the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons in the nucleus, giving it a different atomic mass. For example, uranium has thirty-seven different isotopes, including uranium-235 and uranium-238. of cobalt is cobalt-60 (Co-60). Cobalt-60 is a byproduct of nuclear reactor operations. It is formed when metal structures, such as steel rods, are exposed to neutron radiation.

​The unfortunate result of our superior nuclear technology may be OMNICIDE--all kill.
Talk about NUCLEAR COLONIALISM--what it is; who uses it to profit from the economy of US superintendence of Indian law; how to protect Native Americans from bearing disproportionate abuse; and, correct then prevent it from happening again by following  peremptory norms in International and domestic law. Cultural triage is GENOCIDE (UN Conv./18 USC 1091).
"Don't Nuke the Climate"